Do you recognise or experience any of the following? 
You’re profitable (or so you’re told) but there never seems to be enough money in the bank 
You don’t understand your numbers or are just too overwhelmed to even try 
Never knowing what your next tax (or VAT) bill is going to be until it’s almost too late 
Your existing bookkeeping / accounts resource needs help and guidance, but you can’t justify employing someone (especially full time) 
...If you do, I'm here to help. 
Have a look at my Services page to see how you can benefit from us working together. 
A summary of my services are: 
Interim/Short-Term Assignments 
Management Accounts 
Cash Flow Forecasts 
Budgeting & Business Planning 
Accounts, Self-Assessments & Corporation Tax 
In effect, I'm your finance 'sat nav', helping you to map out your financial journey. 
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All small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can benefit from having a reliable and experienced Finance Director on their team. 
The problem is that many business owners believe that they can’t afford the ‘luxury’ of keeping an accountant on their staff. 
The Solution is Simple – Hire a Part-Time Finance Director. 



 I am your Outsourced Finance Director 

I am an experienced management accountant and can be a part-time member of your executive team, offering an extensive range of finance and accounting services. 
With me, you don’t just get accounts and reports on how you’ve done. I also provide you with short- and medium-term projections – helping you learn how best to steer your company in the future. 

 My business is helping you to grow your business 

The services I provide include: 
Interim/Short-Term Assignments 
Management Accounts 
Cash Flow Forecasts 
Budgeting & Business Planning 
Accounts, Self-Assessments & Corporation Tax 
I also offer monthly and quarterly reviews to all my contracted clients as part of the service. 

  Tailormade Management Accounting Services for Companies in the South West 

We operate throughout the South West of England, including the following locations: 
Call or email us today to find out how we can help you grow your business! 

   Part of getting to know our clients is finding out as much as we can about them, including: 

What motivated them to start their business 
What their initial objectives and aspirations were 
How far along their journey are they and have those objectives changed 
What keeps them awake at night 
What they least and most like doing 
Then of course there are the "Why’s" for these answers… 
Their interests and pastimes when not running their business 
Family and friendship support 
Plus numerous others... 

Why do we ask these questions? 

Well, behind every set of accounts/figures we produce for our clients is a story, and the answers to these questions helps us paint that picture of their respective stories. 
For us, this brings real meaning to the otherwise cold, matter-of-fact figures that are in the first instance produced to keep them legal with HMRC and Companies House, etc. 
Of course there is more to just filing information with the authorities – or there should be. The majority of business owners do not manage their business using the information as filed – or, at least, they shouldn’t be! 

Why aren't statutory accounts enough? 

Because they are usually months out-of-date (up to 9 months, even if they’ve been filed on time). 
The figures we file on behalf of our clients are usually a by-product of regular information we provide for them during their trading year, be that quarterly, monthly or even weekly, so that by the time the end of the year comes, they already know what they’ve achieved and what taxes might be due in 9 months’ time – which is plenty of time to plan it into the cash flow with no nasty last minute shocks! 
So, without a story, there is no meaning. If we were to work with you, we would be seeking answers to these questions, to bring your numbers to life. 


We’d love the opportunity to find out! 


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